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Review: Minelab EQUINOX 600 and EQUINOX 800

Minelab EQUINOX 600 and EQUINOX 800 are the newest metal detectors. Metal detector is designed to find any metal targets anywhere. Thanks to innovations, Equinox 600/800 adapts equally to all types of targets and ground conditions. Just select a place to search and get started! This metal detector can surely be called – universal.

Peculiar Properties

Real intelligent multi-frequency, simultaneous use of multiple frequencies to achieve maximum performance, as well as a wide range of single frequencies available for operation.

Waterproof design.
EQUINOX can be submerged under water completely, it is ideal to search at the beach, in rivers, streams and lakes (3 m).

Durable and lightweight.
Durable and lightweight design will allow you to enjoy long search sessions in any environment.

Compatible with high-speed wireless audio.
Compatible with ultra fast wireless audio with WM 08 and fast aptX ™ headphones with low latency / Bluetooth.

8 search profiles.
Each search mode has 2 custom search profiles, so you can save your favorite settings in each mode.

Fast and accurate identification of the target.
High recovery rate, coupled with accurate identification ensures that you do not miss important and valuable purpose in the trash.

Advanced settings.
Increase control over the sound of your metal detector with additional settings; only you determine how much information about the target you will hear.

Gold search mode.
This mode manages a high single frequency of 20 kHz or 40 kHz for effective search of gold nuggets in mineralized soils.


Field Mode. Ideal for detecting jewelry and artifacts. The use of “Multi-IQ” in this mode will help user to find target with the widest range of sizes.

Park Mode. Excellent performance in areas of recreation with a high content of debris. The use of “Multi-IQ” mode is the most versatile for detecting coins and jewelry.

Beach Mode. Need to search on the dry sand, wet sand and under water. The beach mode works only in “Multi-IQ”.

Gold Mode. Good for finding gold nuggets. In this mode, high single frequency of 20 or 40 kHz the best for gold.


On a clear LCD display, there are large numbers of VDI, so you’ll be able to see them and disassemble. All the information you need to search is right in front of your eyes.

Search modes and the operating frequency can be changed instantly by pressing the dynamic and continuous detection.


  • View the charging status of your battery and wireless audio device.
  • Create your own mask patterns of discrimination, to ignore unwanted targets.
  • To change the operating frequency, mode and search sensitivity – on the fly.
  • Activate “all metals” mode to temporarily disable the active mask of discrimination.
  • Activate pinpoint mode to know exactly where to dig.
  • Adjust a host of basic and advanced features including noise reduction, ground balance, volume control, threshold tone level, key tone, receive/reject, and recovery speed.

MULTI-IQ Technology

Low frequencies give greater depth for larger targets, and high frequencies are usually more sensitive to smaller targets. With EQUINOX you can work with the full spectrum of frequencies simultaneously to achieve maximum results.

The frequency range of the Multi-IQ are shown for EQUINOX 600, and 800. This chart is for guidance only. The actual level of sensitivity will depend on the types and sizes of targets, ground conditions and metal detector settings.


EQUINOX 800 offers 5 single frequencies of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 kHz, giving an extended 8x range from 5 to 40 kHz.

Maximum compatibility with wireless audio-connect conventional Bluetooth headphones, high-speed aptX ™ low-latency headphones or the WM 08 ultra-powerful audio module with Wi-Stream support. Wireless headphones and the WM 08 module are sold separately.


  • Metal detector.
  • Wireless headphone.
  • The wireless module WM 08*.
  • USB charging cable with magnetic connector.
  • Protective covers for screen with inscriptions in different languages.
  • User manual.
  • Additional accessories and spare parts are also available.

*Equinox wireless headphones 800 wireless Module WM-08 USB Charging cable with magnetic connector. Protective cover for the screen of the user’s Guide.

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