Fisher F-Point

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Fisher F-Point

Technical Specifications:

Waterproof Rating: Splash Proof Only
Operating Frequency: 12 kHz
Tuning:   Automatic
Indicators: Proportional Audio
Controls:   Power / Tune
Length: 9" (22 cm)
Thickness: No information
Weight: No information
Battery: 9V PP3
Battery Life:   Alkaline (30 Hours)

Fisher F-Point is designed to search for treasures and small objects. Fisher F-Point is used for precise location of metal objects in non-metallic environments, such as tree, soil, and dug the ground on the side of the pit, in the crevices of walls, floors, and other hard to reach places. F-Point is simple and easy to operate. Detection depth using pinpointer for coins, approximately 2-3 cm.

Areas of use Fisher F-Point are different, so it can be used as an additional device in the treasure hunt, or to search the walls wiring and fittings for construction and repair work.