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Here you can find information about metal detectors, manufacturers, accessories and technical specifications.


GARRETT (USA) is a recognized leader in the development and production of metal detectors for ground exploration and inspection of people. The company was founded by Charles Lewis Garrett (pictured in the center), produces metal detectors since 1964 and during this time has received recognition among treasure hunters and security professionals. The phrase equipment is …


MINELAB (AUSTRALIA) – released their first metal detector Minelab 15000 Goldseeker GS in April 1986. In the next two years, Australia sold more than 8 thousand metal detectors of this model. The main advantage of Goldseeker was Its ability to compensate for the peculiarities of heavy soils with increased mineralization and an abundance of hot …


XP Metal Detectors (France) – high-performance metal detectors which have quickly become popular among enthusiasts. XP metal detectors have been developed in response to users real expectations. XP products are characterized by power, selectivity and ergonomics, which determines the perfect balance between the characteristics!


Fisher Labs (USA), founded in the late 1920s, became the world leader in the production of high-tech metal detectors.The modern technological developments used in Fisher metal detectors open a new fantastic world of lost treasures and relics for us. completely satisfies the needs of the seekers of lost treasures.


WHITES Electronics (USA) is engaged in the development and production of metal detectors in Sweet home, Oregon, under the leadership of the son of the founder of the company Kenneth R. White. WHITES Electronics makes some of the best metal detectors for recreation, security, and industry. The use of the latest technologies and developments in …


MAKRO METAL DETECTORS is a Turkish manufacturer which was founded in 1986 and already has serious experience in the production of metal detectors and accessories for metal detecting. Over the past few years Makro metal detectors have become very popular and now this manufacturer is considered one of the best in the world. Their metal …