Top Accessories for Metal Detecting 2018



If you digging with metal detector, you must have a good shovel, because without a shovel you willn’t dig anything out. If the shovel breaks at the most inopportune moment, searching can be completed. We propose to pay attention on Fiskars and Black Ada shovels. ➥ Click here to see more.


First of all, it’s protection of your hands from contamination and injury. The main requirements for the gloves of the computer are lightness, absence of metal parts and “breathing” material. Based on our own experience, we note that the best gloves — fabric, and the most durable – tactical. ➥ Click here to see more.


A good backpack for a metal detector is one of the main things for digger. It is desirable that the backpack was roomy and it housed not only a metal detector, but everything other equipment for metal detecting too. ➥ Click here to see more.


Here you can see ones of the best Find Pouches and Bags for Metal Detecting. The bag will keep your metal detector in safe while you will transiting it and find pouch will increase comfort during digging and also keep your finds safe too. ➥ Click here to see more Finds Pouches for Metal Detecting. ➥ Click here to see …


Here you can see different additional equipment for metal detecting: tourist axes, knifes, tactical flashlights and other equipment. Axes ➥ Click here to see more Axes. Knifes ➥ Click here to see more Knifes. Tactical Flashlights ➥ Click here to see more Tactical Flashlights. Equipment