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Metal detecting is an amazing hobby and there are so many benefits that come from taking part in it. The obvious one is finding treasure but it is also a healthy pastime as you get good exercise outdoors. It also has great social benefits as you get to meet and hang out with lots of different people. Metal detecting is a hobby that is suitable for all ages. Children, as well as grown-ups, enjoy it all over the world. It is accessible to anyone as you don’t have to travel far to find treasure. There is no need to visit exotic locations but you can practically find treasure right out of your back door with the help of a good detector.

Best Metal Detectors in 2018

The invention of the metal detector has made the task of finding treasure so much easier and accessible to everybody, before this wonderful invention, finding treasure was fraught with all types of difficulties and hardship and only serious treasure hunters would even attempt looking for treasure.

Metal detectors are used in many areas of our society including security for airports and in some countries schools, in crime scene investigations, searching for buried pipes and cable by utility companies and a whole host of other uses, and of course for hunting for treasure.

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How to buy a metal detector?

If you are in the market for your first metal detector, you will be very excited and be rearing to get started in this wonderful hobby, but there are a few questions you need to ask yourself so that you buy the best machine for you. These are:

Where will I be metal detecting?

This is a very important question to ask and one that can be a little difficult to answer especially if you are just starting out. You need to think about where you will be doing your detecting the most: on the beach, inland, in the woods or in the water. The location you will be detecting at will have an effect on your choice of metal detector as all detectors don’t do the same thing.

Who will be detecting?

It is important to get the correct metal detector for you by taking your strength into consideration. Not all detectors weigh the same. There is, in fact, a lot of variation between models depending on functions available, construction material used, search coil size, battery weight and overall size. Therefore, lighter models are suitable for a young person or someone with not a lot of strength.

What is my budget?

You will find that there is a detector to fit everybody’s budget no matter what it is. Metal detectors prices range from anywhere from under £50 to over £1000 depending on make and model. Before buying one you have to decide how much you want to spend. You shouldn’t go for the most expensive model on the market but at the same time, you should be aware of cheap detectors. How much you decide to spend will depend on how serious you are and how involved you want to get into the hobby. If you are just starting out then cheaper models are just fine but if you are really serious you need to look at the higher priced models that will provide many features with the less expensive metal detectors will not.

A metal detector is an essential equipment in your quest to becoming a successful treasure hunter. Buying a metal detector for the first time is never easy and the information out there can quickly become overwhelming, but if you take your time to think about your particular situation and your needs you will find the best metal detecting machine for you.

Before you will go metal detecting we recommend you to read:

“Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales 2017”

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Best Equipment for Metal Detecting in 2018

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